TalliScan - Parts Counting Demonstration

Watch TalliScan in action in this short video clip which demonstrate that TalliScan is the fastest way for the manufacturing industry to count small parts inventory.

The parts counting demonstration counts two shelves of warehouse bins containing a variety of mechanical parts.  TalliScan stocktaking speeds through these 15 bins in only two minutes…that’s 8 seconds per bin.

TalliScan works with parts of all shapes and sizes from large pieces of custom turned metalwork down to miniature o-rings and lightweight plastic seals.

For industrial stocktaking the handset records the parts count, the accuracy of the count (based on quantity and part weight) along with the date and time the count was made.

A unique code reference is automatically assigned to each stock bin ensuring a unique count is recorded even for the same part housed in multiple bins and locations.

Each count record is synchronised with a database where the stocktake can be viewed from any web browser and can be exported suitable for MRP systems and spreadsheets.

In the next video demonstration we show how to create the unique bin label. It takes only 60 seconds to populate the required information, generate the QR code and print the label on the wireless thermal printer.

Populating the part weight information is the only time you will count anything by hand with TalliScan, and you only have to do this once. So in less time than you would normally spend counting the entire bin by hand we have created, printed and applied the label, and recorded a TalliScan count of the bin contents.

Don't lose any more valuable time...

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